Year: 2022

Ocean Creatures-Information Reports

In Charge

This week, in Room 18 we have started learning about water ecosystems such as the oceans. Because the students could choose their sea subjects…EVERYONE WAS SO MOTIVATED AND ENGAGED. The shark was the most researched sea animal and the mystery of the Titanic ship was an intriguing choice. Here is a selection of some of the work samples.

Directing a Play

One of our students is enthusiastic about the performing arts industry.  So this week she landed a job of directing the class play about global warming.  This job was no problem for our budding performer. Nobody had a stage fright!

New Zealand Native Trees

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about New Zealand birds and trees. To integrate our new learning the students decided to investigate their fale trees and present this information in google slides. Luckily for us, the genre for writing this term is information reports. One of the students loves the planets so much that he wanted to make a presentation about his favourite planets. Have a look at a selection of Room 18 presentations.