Month: May 2022

Cake tasting – Food Science

All good bakes need a taste test.  Here is Room 26 trying their final cakes made with their 2nd  adjusted recipes.  All of the cakes were made with the same base of 60g flour, 30g sugar, 15g oil and 1 egg, and then with 80g of beetroot, corn or apple. Which was the best?  That depends on what flavour you like.  What was the least successful cake – the control cake that had no vegetables added, so seemed like biscuit batter and not a liquid batter.

Food Science School Kit challenge

Room 26 have been experimenting with cake recipe ingredient measurements, trying to find a great mix that meant we could make a reduced sugar cake that included veges.  We also had to work out what chemical reactions happened between the ingredients that made the cakes rise and have the right food texture.

Our first recipe for our cakes didn’t seem to cook all the way through, and were doughy, even though they rose and had extra time cooking. We also taste tested them, deciding that Beetroot, Corn and Apple tasted far better than Chickpeas and Peas did.

Our second recipe for our cakes seemed to be a lot more successful, although our control cake (recipe without the veges) came out more like a hard biscuit or slice.  All the other cakes rose, had air bubble pockets caused by the CO2 chemical reactions and tasted far better than our first ones did.

Did we manage to make a Vegetable cake with low sugar – yes.  Could we agree on which cake tasted best – no.  What we completely learnt in testing our ideas on baking cakes, is that everyone has different tastes.

Road safety

All the children at New Windsor School had a week where they were learning about the importance of  knowing about road safety.  They had visitors to the school teaching and giving them reminders about things that they all should do.  Not only for the children but also  things that drivers on the road should be doing to keep them safe.

Children were then encouraged to design a poster with a clear road safety message.  There was a school wide competition to see what messages  stood out with a poster competition.

Room 7 had  2 posters chosen as winners.  Anthony came second  and Kalya got highly commended for her awesome poster design.  I wonder what message you would choose to put on your poster?  Share your ideas with your family and friends.




Creative coloured people.

The whole school has been involved in an art project where they got to be creative and decorate a blank person template. They will all be put together in the school to form a huge friendship chain. Below are the one that the children from room 7 have been working on. They were all very excited to see how creative the others in the class were.  This project is a part of the New Windsor Way and children are all  curious to see  the final project.  I wonder if you could be just as creative as the children were. How would you decorate a person?

Chemical reactions – food that gives off gas

As we begin looking at our Food Science and cake making challenge, we explored how two ingredients can give off a carbon dioxide gas.  We found that it happens when we add an acid like vinegar or lemon juice to baking powder or baking soda.  We also know we have had a Chemical Reaction, as it can’t be reversed and also creates a new substance.

Kawa of Care

Kia ora koutou,

Last week Phil came into Rooms 16 and 25 to work with us on the Kawa of Care. We have to look after our devices so that we can keep using them for our learning.

Here are some posters that Room 25 made to help us remember the different ways we can look after our devices. Can you think of some other ways we can look after our Chromebooks?