Day: May 16, 2022

Chemical reactions – food that gives off gas

As we begin looking at our Food Science and cake making challenge, we explored how two ingredients can give off a carbon dioxide gas.  We found that it happens when we add an acid like vinegar or lemon juice to baking powder or baking soda.  We also know we have had a Chemical Reaction, as it can’t be reversed and also creates a new substance.

Kawa of Care

Kia ora koutou,

Last week Phil came into Rooms 16 and 25 to work with us on the Kawa of Care. We have to look after our devices so that we can keep using them for our learning.

Here are some posters that Room 25 made to help us remember the different ways we can look after our devices. Can you think of some other ways we can look after our Chromebooks?