Month: June 2022


Matariki comes around about this time every year.
We learn more and more about this special celebration.
This year was very special as it is the first year New Zealand marks it as a Public holiday.
This year will go down in history as one to be remembered by all New Zealanders as well as the rest of the world.

Our class took part in a number of activities, such as,writing acrostic and Diamante poems.
Learning the dance Matariki Macarena , listening to stories and weaving stars .
We had a real festive air around us.
We are so proud of our culture in New Zealand.
Here is a little peep into one of the activities.

Weaving Matariki Stars.

Self propelled cars – Stem Challenge with Matamua Ruma 23

Recently Room 26 worked with Room 23 on a STEM challenge .  We were given a balloon, cardboard, straws, rubber bands, kebab sticks and tape.  Our challenge was to work together to design a moving car that would be self-propelled by a deflating balloon.

After lots of discussion, some negotiation and our ingenuity, we were able to make some cars for testing on the courts.  We had varying levels of success with getting them to move. However, with a few modifications, one was a standout for getting some distance and speed.  It was a good way for the Year 5/6 students to share their ideas and learning of Newton’s Law.


Shooting Star- Asteroid Experiment


Extending our learning about the Space and trying to answer student’s wanderings about the shooting starts, we have been learning about asteroids. Matariki is also a perfect week to write our shooting stars wishes. We have finished our learning with an asteroid experiment.  The students had to predict the size of different asteroids and discuss their findings.  It was fun and smelled like chocolate.  Guess why?

Samoan Language week.























There was a lot of fun, learning, creating and sharing in Room 25 this week.

It was Samoan language week. We enjoyed learning the Samoan greetings,using them and sharing them among our peers.

We are privilged to have our very own Samoan teacher, Whaea Rhoda teaching in Room 25. No better way to learn the Samoan language than from our very own teacher. Lucky us!

Whaea Rhoda taught us how to make a Samoan siapo pattern. We learnt, created and shared. We loved the technique so much and found it so easy to do,that Mrs. Southcombe was running out of coloured paper as all we wanted to do all day long was make the Samoan siapo patterns.