Samoan Language week.























There was a lot of fun, learning, creating and sharing in Room 25 this week.

It was Samoan language week. We enjoyed learning the Samoan greetings,using them and sharing them among our peers.

We are privilged to have our very own Samoan teacher, Whaea Rhoda teaching in Room 25. No better way to learn the Samoan language than from our very own teacher. Lucky us!

Whaea Rhoda taught us how to make a Samoan siapo pattern. We learnt, created and shared. We loved the technique so much and found it so easy to do,that Mrs. Southcombe was running out of coloured paper as all we wanted to do all day long was make the Samoan siapo patterns.

One thought on “Samoan Language week.

  1. Hi Room 25,

    We all think that your Samoan art is super cool. We like all the colourful patterns and shapes that you used. You are super lucky to have an awesome teacher who can teach you about Samoan Tapa. In Room 7 we also made Samoan Tapa patterns out of brown paper and oil pastels. We used earthy colours for our art.

    Thankyou for sharing and we can’t wait to see more of your wonderful learning.

    From Room 7

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