Self propelled cars – Stem Challenge with Matamua Ruma 23

Recently Room 26 worked with Room 23 on a STEM challenge .  We were given a balloon, cardboard, straws, rubber bands, kebab sticks and tape.  Our challenge was to work together to design a moving car that would be self-propelled by a deflating balloon.

After lots of discussion, some negotiation and our ingenuity, we were able to make some cars for testing on the courts.  We had varying levels of success with getting them to move. However, with a few modifications, one was a standout for getting some distance and speed.  It was a good way for the Year 5/6 students to share their ideas and learning of Newton’s Law.


One thought on “Self propelled cars – Stem Challenge with Matamua Ruma 23

  1. Ka Pai Room 23! That’s the kinds of learning l love. I was planning to this experiment as well. Maybe next term.
    Miss Lang

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