Dinosaur Fossils-Room 18

It has been fantastic to wrap our learning from term 1 and 2 with a creative sensory experience. During term 1 we were learning about Planet Earth and Space. This term the learning naturally progressed to the Natural Disasters on Earth. In the last two weeks the learning collided….something out of space crashed into the Earth millions of years ago.  Dinosaur extinction was the theme.  This captured the interest of many students.  Some were interested in the shooting stars and the associated wish making mysteries.  Soon, they’ve learned that the shooting stars are meteors.  The biggest one being responsible for the dinosaur extinction!  Today, the students made dinosaurs fossils with the student teacher, Miss Bianca. Very creative, indeed!

P. S. Miss Bianca and Miss Lang hope that this learning didn’t cause any nightmares like it did for us….🤣🤣🤣


One thought on “Dinosaur Fossils-Room 18

  1. Amazing learning room 18. I can see the enthusiasm and total joy as you create fossils. What a great way to learn, create and then share with us all here for all of us to be a part of your wonderful learning. Thank you room 18 for sharing your learning with us.
    I wonder what was the most interesting fact that you found out during the terrm . Wouldnt it be super cool if you could keep your fossil for thousands of years for someone to find.

    Mrs Tipelu

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