Day: July 31, 2022

Number arrays and Multiplication

As part of our Multiplication Maths, we have been finding ways to make visual representations of 100, using a range of different number arrays.  We’ve learnt that it means that we need to make sure each row and column have the exact same number across them.

Here are photos of us working out how many different ways we can evenly lay out 100.  It did help some pairs that they had some multiplication number facts.

Creative Week – bees

During Creative Week, one of the options was to make a piece of visual art that blended paint and then add a hand drawn bee to this background. Unfortunately due to time, not all groups got to add colour to their bees, but their art still looks effective with the contrasting black and white bee sketches.

Calendar art

Room 26, along with other classes in Waenga, have been creating art ready for the school Calendar fundraisers.

If you’re interested in ordering, the details are

  • orders to be returned by: 16th September 2022
  • Cost of each item: Calendar $15.00, Cards $15.00, Diaries $15.00, Mouse Mats $15.00, Sketch Pads $15.00
  • Payment: Cash or via Kindo