Month: September 2022

Room 18

With the swimming lessons for the last two weeks, it has been challenging to fit everything in. Here are a few pictures from this week. Crown making to mark the life of Queen Elizabeth II, geometric patterns after a lengthy assessment, reading the 1st edition of the New Windsor Times and our favorite, dancing.

Instruction and Procedure writing

There is nothing better than acting out and rehearsing our ideas to help us get our writing instructions.  Many classes have been making sandwiches using different spreads and even “Hundreds and Thousands” for fairy bread.  Here is Room 26 getting their making and taste testing on using Nutella for their sandwiches.

We’re wondering if we can be exact and use specific sequence and specific verbs (bossy verbs/imperatives) to instruct others in how to make the perfect sandwich.


Is it a bird, is it a plane… no it’s a boat!

Mālō e lelei,

Over the last few weeks students in Rooms 7 and 26 have been working on creating animations using Google Slides. We’ve been learning lots of useful tips like the shortcut ctrl-d to duplicate and how to group shapes so that they move together.

Here are some animations by Aayat, Anthony, Rand and Alisha. Let us know what you like about them and what you think we can work on next…