Is it a bird, is it a plane… no it’s a boat!

Mālō e lelei,

Over the last few weeks students in Rooms 7 and 26 have been working on creating animations using Google Slides. We’ve been learning lots of useful tips like the shortcut ctrl-d to duplicate and how to group shapes so that they move together.

Here are some animations by Aayat, Anthony, Rand and Alisha. Let us know what you like about them and what you think we can work on next…


8 thoughts on “Is it a bird, is it a plane… no it’s a boat!

  1. Wow Room 7 and Room 26 these animations are amazing! I love how you have used Sceencastify to be able to record you own narrative with them as well – this is very cool. I like to make sailing boat animations as well, have you tried to create any other animations like this?

    1. Kia ora Matt. Thank you for the comment. This is our first go at animations but we’re thinking about making animations for our instructions writing. Watch this space…

  2. Kia ora Waenga Team, we like all of your animations because they are so creative. We have been learning to be cybersmart and use keyboard shortcuts too, like Ctrl D. We went on Google Slides to make our animations. We also use our arrow keys to move our characters when we are animating. We want to add voice to our animations too. How did you do that?

    From Ruma Wha @ Glen Innes School.

    1. Kia ora Ruma Wha. Thank you for your comment. We added our voices using Screencastify. Do you think you’ll use this to add your voices to your animations?

      1. Kia ora Waenga Team, yes we are going to try today. Room 11 are going to help us. We will post on our blog once we have finished. We hope you will leave us a comment and let us know how we did.

        Have a nice day
        from Room 4 @ Glen Innes School

  3. Kia ora my name is Eli and I go to Glen Innes School I like your animations it really looks like they are in the sea and the boats moves along this like the water under them.I can’t wait for more of you blogs to be post from Eli.

  4. Kia ora my name is Daniel and I am from Glen Innes School.
    My favorite part is how you created the animations using shapes. That must of taken a lot of you time. Next time, when you record your story, make sure you find a quiet spot because it was noisy and I struggled to hear you.


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