Resilience Week

The students from all Waenga classes had a few opportunities to engage in challenging tasks today. Clip and Climb was a highlight for many of our tamariki.

6 thoughts on “Resilience Week

  1. Malo e lelei my name is William from Room 4 at Glen Innes School. I
    like what you are doing. It will be terrifying! I wish I could go there.
    It would be fun!
    from William

  2. Kia ora, I am Anamalia from Glen Innes School. I wish that I can be just like you but I am scared. My favourite one is the
    Green one. Where is that? It looks fun.
    It looks amazing and cool!
    from Anamalia

  3. Malo e lelei, My name is Cassius.
    I am from Glen Innes School,
    I am 7 years old and rock climbing looks like fun.
    from Cassius

  4. Good morning. I Am E-Jay From Glen Innes School NZ. I like the rockclimbing. It looks so much fun. I wish Room 4 could do this too. from E-Jay

  5. Talofa lava, I am Romeo from Glen Innes School. We love your photos. I wish room4
    Can go there. It will be fun.
    From Romeo.

  6. Kia ora Waenga team that looks like so much fun! My name is Akenza and I’m from Glen Innes school. Where’s the Clip and Climb? I like what you were doing there.

    from Akenza

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