Room 26’s Documentary

Room 26 has been learning how to make an animated movie during our time with Matua Phil.  As we learnt each step, we filmed ourselves.  Here is our Documentary explaining how to make an animated movie.

4 thoughts on “Room 26’s Documentary

  1. Thanks room 26, We can see all the hard work that you have done in putting this film together. We really like the way that you explained some of the things that you have learnt.
    It is super cool to be learning things on the device.

    Room 7

  2. Kia ora my name is Manihera and I am from Glen Innes School.
    This made me remember when I made animations. My animation was about Superman. Thank you very much
    for sharing from Manihera.

    1. Thanks for the comment Manihera. Your Superman animation sounds very cool. Maybe you could put it on your blog?

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