Year: 2023

Writing Instructions and Directions

We have been experimenting with writing directions or instructions. We have realised they need to be clear, ordered and specific.

After writing instructions on how to draw and play Hopscotch, today was about testing each other’s instructions and giving feedback.  This did mean that some of our instructions needed editing or recrafting to make them clearer.

2 Hands and a Pen art challenge

We have been exploring how our brains work, and talking about things we can do to control our brain, rather than our brain controlling us when things get challenging.

For an experiment to see how we would cope, we were given the task to jointly draw a described scene with our buddy. We could not talk to each other, had to both show control over the one pen, and manage our emotions while we did this. This also meant we had to give up some control over what we were creating too. Interestingly, we did one picture with us both using our drawing hand, and one picture with us both using our non-drawing hand.

Judge for yourself how you think we coped.

Multi-links Investigation

How many Multi-link cubes does it take to go from the back door of our classroom to the front door?

Just to complicate this impromptu investigation, Room 26’s before school crew added 2 extra challenges: 1. complete it before the class bell  2. don’t let it touch the floor.  Moving desks and using the stools to bridge the gaps, the class now has the answer.  It was great to see the creativeness and collaboration the kids had, and the joy they had in this self directed learning.

Collaborative games that show Responsibility and Respect

As part of our class Restart/Reset coming into this new term, was to notice how we work together and use our values to support each other.  This game is called Satellites, where the team has to remain joined but move together to ensure their balloon doesn’t touch the ground.

Our favourite game was called Bridgeball, however we haven’t learnt to play On/Off the Lines yet. Please ask us more if you would like to learn any of these games.

Mahi Tahi Collaborative art work

On the final week of Term 2 all of Waenga Team students took part in Mahi Tahi type activities.  One of the tasks was to work together to create something that was bigger than themselves.

Each student was given a template to personalise, knowing that it would be joined to each other into the Tumbling Blocks quilt pattern, using the inspiration of Thank You X’s street art using the same idea.


But what do you think?