Month: March 2023

EOTC-Our Team

During this week, the Waenga team engaged in several exciting activities that facilitated learning outdoors (EOTC) and celebrated collaboration. The many activities included a scavenger hunt, garden art, traditional games, tipi making, weaving and collaborative art. Here are a few pictures from the last few days.


Kia ora buddy classes!

Kia ora readers…

…and a special welcome to our Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu buddies from Wesley Primary School and Foxton Beach School.

We are a team of year 3 and 4 learners from Rooms 25, 26, 21 and 18. 

Our school is full of responsible children. Being responsible is part of what we call the New Windsor Way. Our school is at the top of a hill so we have a beautiful view of a lot of Auckland, the Waitakere ranges and even the sea.

Our team is collaborative which means we work together a lot.

We are excited to share about our museum trip that we are going on soon with you.

We’d love to know more about your local areas and what is near to your schools.

Please leave us a comment if you have any other questions or if anything we have shared has helped you make a connection.

Ngā mihi nui,

Waenga Team.

Room 25 ready for an awesome Cybersmart lesson!

The Taste Test

Here are a few pictures of our reading comprehension science activity.  The students had to predict the smells of strawberries, cheese, spring onions and chocolate.  A fun experience to consolidate the learning.

Interactive Story-Telling

Today, we have finally got outside to tell different perspectives of how the Maori people travelled to Aotearoa, New Zealand. We took some time reading different stories and creating props to help us learn diverse perspectives.  We learned about the scientific navigation such as using the wind, swells, currents, Moon, stars, fish, clouds and birds. And we learned the traditional explanation through the myths and legends.  The props were created on clear plastic. The sun rays projected the images onto the ground whilst we traveled from Hawaiki to New Zealand.


Paper Boat 30 Minutes Team Challenge

Today, the students worked in collaborative teams. Their goal was to design, make and test a paper boat.  They were given a piece of A4 paper, a pair of scissors and a glue stick.  They worked together on designing a paper boat that could be propelled by the force of a breath.  After drawing their boats, they had 30 minutes to make them. We tested the boat in a water trough.  Findings: we wish we had a much bigger trough!

Creating New Docs

Kia ora readers,

Today in Room 26 we’ve been learning how to creating new files in our Google Drive.

First we double click on the right folder to go inside it…

Then we click ‘New’ and ‘Google Doc’…

Then we need to name it…

When we follow these steps it makes it easy for us and our teachers to find our work nice and quickly.

Do you have any other tips about making new files?




Origami Furniture

Today, the children had an opportunity to create origami furniture with Whaea Amanda. The students absolutely loved this experience where they had to follow many detailed instructions.  Great dexterity and creative exercise.  All focused, all engaged. They got a piece paper to take home and teach their whanau.