Month: May 2023

Samoan Language Week

This week as part of our Reading, we have been finding out about Samoa, to celebrate Samoan Language Week.

We have shared a Samoan song, listened to some traditional Samoan stories, along with learning some Samoan numbers, colours, patterns and about what is respectful Samoan manners. 

It is always interesting to find out more about each other’s cultures, especially when it helps us understand each other’s family traditions.

Acrostic Poems

One of our Reading tasks this week was to explore and write an acrostic poem about ourselves. We enjoyed describing ourselves, although some of the letters in our names made it challenging to start a describing sentence.

Once we had our ideas and presented them on a Google Doc, we even learnt how to locate and insert public images to complete our publishing.

Student’s Favourite this Week

This week, one of the favourite activities in Room 18 was Drama. The students were given a scenario: the parents decided to change the names of their children to better fit in in their new country.  We worked through improvising a range of emotions, mainly hoha and riri (anger and frustration type feelings). This will lead our way towards the history studies in the upcoming weeks. 

Collaborative games

Last week students from Room 26 were set the task to make board games.  They had to show creativity in taking what they knew about board games and create a new form of game that could be played by a group of people.

Here are some photos of them working collaboratively to make game boards, come up with rules, test their ideas and make it user friendly.  Rather timely with all our wet weather game time inside lately.  I am sure they will be a welcome change from Lego, Cluedo, Connect 4 and Jenga.

TERM 2- Our school vegetable garden.

Term 2- 2023

Here are the students of Room 25 working in our school vegetable garden.We have now learnt that we have to take out the weeds as they are stealing the food and nutrients from our herbs and vegetable plants.

The Marigolds not only look pretty, they are companion plants keeping away insects from eating our plants.

We also got to take home some herbs and spinach to use in our kitchens.

Mini Lesson

Room 18 has been writing a google slide report about the ANZAC Day. Today we had a mini lesson about the adjectives to help us write and speak better. The students didn’t find it very interesting until they were to ‘blindly’ select a toy. They had to find a few adjectives to describe their toy-a noun. This was a much better way of learning.  Everybody was working hard afterwards, with some students helping others.

Self Portraits

Room 26 have been experimenting with vivid markers and matt pastel application on acetate, to create the beginnings of our self portraits.

After tracing over a photo of ourselves with vivids onto acetate, we turned these over and coloured within the lines, to make a picture of ourselves.  We are now going to experiment with different forms of art applications, sliding these in behind our picture frames to make changeable self portraits.

Our next goal is to use smeared paint to create our backgrounds.