TERM 2- Our school vegetable garden.

Term 2- 2023

Here are the students of Room 25 working in our school vegetable garden.We have now learnt that we have to take out the weeds as they are stealing the food and nutrients from our herbs and vegetable plants.

The Marigolds not only look pretty, they are companion plants keeping away insects from eating our plants.

We also got to take home some herbs and spinach to use in our kitchens.

One thought on “TERM 2- Our school vegetable garden.

  1. Kia Ora Waenga Team, Your garden looks beautiful. I wish I had such a vibrant garden. I love that you are able to grow vegetables and herbs. What are you going to do with them? Or are they just for you to take home? One day I am in, someone will have to show where you are hiding the lovely garden. Do you have any pointers to help others who would like to have such a great garden?

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