Matariki Animation we created an animation for Matariki. Can you see our stars sparkling?

2 thoughts on “Matariki

  1. Kia ora Waenga team!

    We really liked your animation. We could see the stars sparkling! For Matariki we did lots art such as: stars on the window, feather swag, lanterns and trinkets. We also made a delicious Matariki soup! Check out our post about it here:

    How did you do the animation, and why did you choose to do an animation?

    Is your school doing anything else to celebrate Matariki? We are having a Matariki festival at our school!

    Room 6 – Team Tarānui @ Foxton Beach!

  2. Kia ora Room 6,
    We made a Google slide and changed the background to a dark colour. Then we went to the shapes and the callout section to find stars. For each Google slide, we left the stars in the same place but changed the colour to white, yellow, and red. We were learning how to use Google slides to make a presentation.
    We are also having a Matariki festival with market stalls, buy food and other craft goodies.
    Room 25 – Team Waenga @ New Windsor School.

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