Collaborative games that show Responsibility and Respect

As part of our class Restart/Reset coming into this new term, was to notice how we work together and use our values to support each other.  This game is called Satellites, where the team has to remain joined but move together to ensure their balloon doesn’t touch the ground.

Our favourite game was called Bridgeball, however we haven’t learnt to play On/Off the Lines yet. Please ask us more if you would like to learn any of these games.

One thought on “Collaborative games that show Responsibility and Respect

  1. Kia Orana Room 26,
    It is great to see what our brothers and sisters are learning. The game looks like a lot of fun and we hope Mrs Simon might lets us play one day. We have played other ball games like volleyball and Keep it up.
    From Room 5
    New Windsor

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