Collaborative Dance

3 thoughts on “Collaborative Dance

  1. Talofa Room 18,
    We went to a school disco on Friday. We practise dancing every day. At the disco, we got 8 lollies and a little bag of chips. Did you see Miss Tobbin? We saw lots of teachers, we even saw Miss Lang.What was your favourite part of the dance?
    From Room 4
    New Windsor School

    1. Hi Room 4
      We love dancing and we’re practicing a dance for Waenga assembly. We hope you had lots of fun at the disco.
      Room 18 🧚‍♂️🦸‍♂️💃🕺

  2. Kia ora,

    Your collaborative dancing looks hard! Was it?
    It also looks fun! What did you have to do?
    Were you practicing for something with your dancing?
    Did you enjoy it?

    Room 6 @ Foxton Beach School

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