Stop Motion Movies

The students chose their own topics whilst engaging in the construction of their mini-movies.

One thought on “Stop Motion Movies

  1. Kia ora,

    Thank you so much for sharing your learning! We liked all of your stop-motion-movies because they were very creative and detailed. We liked that the black hole sucked up the planet. We laughed at the backroom one as it reminded us of similar things. We also thought the cat one was funny – how long did it take you? There was over 100 slides – very impressive!

    We would like to try stop-motion and one of our students actually has an app called stop-motion studio so we may get to have a look at some point.

    Did you work make you proud?

    Did you know that you could make your movies change the slides automatically and could also make them move faster?

    Room 6 – Team Tarānui @ Foxton Beach School

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