Year: 2023

Wet Day lunch activities

With the recent run of bad weather, our lunch times have been spent indoors. Luckily a number of classrooms have a range of games and building materials.

Room 26 have been creating houses and swimming pools with our class Lego.  In this weather, we certainly wouldn’t need a water tanker to fill the pool.

Scratch coding

Room 26 had a very productive day with Mrs Davies on Wednesday, working on coding their own animated movies and learning a number of commands.

They showed great resilience and creativity as they followed Mrs Davies instructions, selecting and refining the commands they were applying to their graphics.

Please ask them to show their movies, as they should all be proud of what they managed to put together.

Chocolate Cake Drama

Room 18 presented a drama game called Chocolate Cake. We have used drama skills like expressive faces, body language, tone of voice and different emotions.  We got dressed up and used some props such as real chocolate cake!  It was fun and exciting to act it out during the Waenga team assembly. It was lovely seeing  the families supporting our performance.

Samoan Language Week

This week as part of our Reading, we have been finding out about Samoa, to celebrate Samoan Language Week.

We have shared a Samoan song, listened to some traditional Samoan stories, along with learning some Samoan numbers, colours, patterns and about what is respectful Samoan manners. 

It is always interesting to find out more about each other’s cultures, especially when it helps us understand each other’s family traditions.

Acrostic Poems

One of our Reading tasks this week was to explore and write an acrostic poem about ourselves. We enjoyed describing ourselves, although some of the letters in our names made it challenging to start a describing sentence.

Once we had our ideas and presented them on a Google Doc, we even learnt how to locate and insert public images to complete our publishing.