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Is it a bird, is it a plane… no it’s a boat!

Mālō e lelei,

Over the last few weeks students in Rooms 7 and 26 have been working on creating animations using Google Slides. We’ve been learning lots of useful tips like the shortcut ctrl-d to duplicate and how to group shapes so that they move together.

Here are some animations by Aayat, Anthony, Rand and Alisha. Let us know what you like about them and what you think we can work on next…



Kia ora koutou,

Today Rooms 7 and 26 were practising their Google Drawing skills. To create these fish we had to use the shape tool, the fill bucket, group our shapes, resize and rotate them, change the background colour and then duplicate the fish (ctrl-d) to make a whole school of fish!

What do you think of Louie and Emilie’s fish? Maybe you could have a go too…


Kawa of Care

Kia ora koutou,

Last week Phil came into Rooms 16 and 25 to work with us on the Kawa of Care. We have to look after our devices so that we can keep using them for our learning.

Here are some posters that Room 25 made to help us remember the different ways we can look after our devices. Can you think of some other ways we can look after our Chromebooks?

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