Room 25’s Film Festival

25 thoughts on “Room 25’s Film Festival

  1. Room 25,
    This an awesome explanation of how to do print making. You have shared some excellent work. We love how you explained the technique. In room 7 we did something similar but we made our printing mats with string,
    Thanks for sharing your work and congratulations on having it shown on the big screen.

    From room 7

    1. Thank you Mrs. Tipelu for the heart warming comment.
      Maybe we can do another art lesson and let Room 7 know.
      We can then work together.

  2. Really proud of the work you kids have put into it. You girls did awesome, very good communication skills and good editing!

    Even I want to try some Styrofoam art now. Congratulations to all of you! 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

  3. Talofa lava, this is Room 4 from Glen Innes School. Your printing is amazing. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow. We would like to try styrofoam printing too!
    From Room 4

  4. Hi my name is Brooklyn we like your amazing art.
    You have a lot of beautiful art work. You are creative, we love it from room 4 .

  5. Hello my name is Louis.
    I like your printing. and your styrofoam.
    Thank you for teaching and showing me all of it. From Louis in Room 4.

    1. Hi Louis,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      We are pleased that you liked our artwork.
      I hope that you will be able to give it.a try sometime.

  6. Ka pai Room 25. It was so cool to watch your finished movie at the cinema. Those students who spoke were nice and clear so that people could follow along. And thanks to the rest of the class for being so quiet that we could hear them so well. Have you watched some of the other films from the festival?

    1. Thank you Phil for commenting.
      We also want to thank you for visiting our class and teaching us how to be Cyber smart.
      From Thea.

  7. Mōrena my name is Lawren and I am from Glen Innes School. Your movie is brilliant. The interesting part was how the flower turned out. I love your arts and want to make art one day. I also love your scenery because it looked like you were teleporting and it was amazing.

    Ngā mihi maioha for this awesome movie. What flower do you think is the best out of room 25?

    1. Hi Lawren,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      We enjoyed the whole process of Styrofoam Printing and making the movie.
      Choosing the best flower in Room 25…hmmmm, a bit difficult I must say. They were all so creative.

  8. Kia ora my name is Dahrlyne and I am from Glen Innes School.
    I enjoy the part when you where painting but the interesting part was the flower that you created .
    What is your favourite flower?
    My favourite flower is a blossom . Kia pai tō rā

    1. Hi Dahrlyne, thank you for visiting our post.
      We used Pasifika flower patterns for our printing.
      When I visited Rarotonga, I loved the Prangipani flowers. They have a beautiful fragrance.
      Mrs. Southcombe

  9. Kia ora my name is Akenza and I am from Glen Innes School
    Your styrofoam art was so good and the girl chloe i know her she is from my dads mini crew class. She did a great job at it! I liked your art guys keep working hard!

  10. Kia ora my name is jeremiah and I liker from Glen Innes School.
    This is awesome because I like your detailed patterns.
    From Jeremiah

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