Road safety

All the children at New Windsor School had a week where they were learning about the importance of  knowing about road safety.  They had visitors to the school teaching and giving them reminders about things that they all should do.  Not only for the children but also  things that drivers on the road should be doing to keep them safe.

Children were then encouraged to design a poster with a clear road safety message.  There was a school wide competition to see what messages  stood out with a poster competition.

Room 7 had  2 posters chosen as winners.  Anthony came second  and Kalya got highly commended for her awesome poster design.  I wonder what message you would choose to put on your poster?  Share your ideas with your family and friends.




One thought on “Road safety

  1. Hello Waenga Team,
    This is Room 4 @ Glen Innes School
    Officer Holly came to our school and helped us to cross the road safely.
    Stop, look left and right four times, listen and look for cars, then cross the road when it is safe.
    Well done Anthony and Kylah, we love your safety posters too
    From your Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu friends in Room 4 @ Glen Innes School

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