Food Science School Kit challenge

Room 26 have been experimenting with cake recipe ingredient measurements, trying to find a great mix that meant we could make a reduced sugar cake that included veges.  We also had to work out what chemical reactions happened between the ingredients that made the cakes rise and have the right food texture.

Our first recipe for our cakes didn’t seem to cook all the way through, and were doughy, even though they rose and had extra time cooking. We also taste tested them, deciding that Beetroot, Corn and Apple tasted far better than Chickpeas and Peas did.

Our second recipe for our cakes seemed to be a lot more successful, although our control cake (recipe without the veges) came out more like a hard biscuit or slice.  All the other cakes rose, had air bubble pockets caused by the CO2 chemical reactions and tasted far better than our first ones did.

Did we manage to make a Vegetable cake with low sugar – yes.  Could we agree on which cake tasted best – no.  What we completely learnt in testing our ideas on baking cakes, is that everyone has different tastes.

2 thoughts on “Food Science School Kit challenge

  1. Room 26, What a super exciting way to learn so many different things and to practice so many skills. You did math, science, writing, creating and cooking,

    I thought it was fascinating to even think of putting all those different vegetables into a cake. It is really interesting to note that some of them worked and others did not. I guess that can be like all things new we try. What a great lesson to learn. If it doesn’t work the first time, think about how it can be changed to make it work next time.

    I wonder how many of you went home and tried to make a vegetable cake at home and share you learning with your family to see what flavours they liked.

    Thanks for sharing your super cool learning. Looking forward to reading more about what you are doing in your class.

    Mrs Tipelu

  2. Kia ora Room 26. Wow, what a cool experiment. I loves veggies and I love cake so I bet all your cakes were tasty. How interesting that all the cakes turned out differently. I guess that shows how careful scientists have to be to make sure they are keeping all the variables (like the temperature of the oven) the same. Keep up the awesome mahi!

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